4age 16v CNC Head

NZD$1,750.00 ex TAX


MRP Developed CNC Ported 4age 16v Head

Developed with our partners direct in NZ we have created a hi flowing 4age 16v head CNC ported
Our heads have been extensively developed with high port velocity which will give you the real world results and of course these also flow high cfm.
Many heads on the market these days flow good cfm (thats the easy part) but they dont ever display their port velocity! which is considered very important.

Full CNC ported intake & exhaust ports Optimised to suit you racing style
Rally, Circuit, Turbo all these heads are ported quite differently to optimise performance
CBN Surface Grinding of Deck

This is for a bare ported 16v head – Customer needs to supply us a core head or we can provide a head at extra cost.

OEM Items Supplied:
Cam Caps & bolts

Upgrade Items:
Up-rated valve springs Toda or Supertech
Up-rated valves Supertech Atlantic size – Requires new seat inserts to fit the valves which is extra cost
MRP Stainless Steel +0.5mm OS Valves – Does not require new seats
Bronze guides
Stem seals
Radius Concentric Valve seat cutting
Port matching of inlet manifold
Installation of valve train

Additional information

Weight 21 kg


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