Welcome to MRP LTD – Manon Racing Products established in 2010
– 4age performance engineering specialists
– Toda Racing Japan Distributor
– Sole Distributor NZ/Australia of Fortune Auto USA Coilovers
– Authorized Turbosmart Dealer

# MRP caters for 4age performance tuners all over the world. All our designs are done in house and many hours are spent to get the perfect product.
# MRP designs & builds corolla performance parts not found anywhere else in the world – 7age 1.9L stroker kits, 4age baffled sumps, 4age Dry sump kits, 4age billet crank girdles, Custom suspension + many more products
# We specialise in many quality performance car parts from USA, Japan, UK & Australia
# Have a wealth of knowledge from being involved in racing scene and many wins to back this up
# Able to assist in selecting the right parts for your car! And we will not sell you the item if it does not suit your intended purpose!

MRP began when we saw the need for customised Racing Corolla Wilwood brake kits & customised fitted twin plate clutches made in house.
The business slowly expanded out to all fields of the performance car market and now provides a wide range of quality parts.
Our parts are carefully selected using our wealth of knowledge in the performance car industry.

We test all our products before releasing them onto the market! (Our own race cars and customers cars) therefore we have all the technical information on our products and whether they suit the customers intended purpose.


We come from a background of family motorsport dating back to the 1960s. It all started off with Shack Manon’s Mini Cooper S racing along side Jim Richards who at the time was 15 years old. This Mini was very successful and was driven in an endurance race by Ken Smith, a NZ icon in the motorsport scene.

Shack’s son Bruce got involved in the Motorsport scene at the age of 15 and started building his own race engines for Shack’s mini and other racers. This progressed into building his own performance cars during the 1970s. Bruce infamously known in NZ for his Baige Turbo MK2 Escort, this was one of the first turbo engines built in NZ!. In street form this car managed to beat majority of the V8s who were dominating the race tracks in NZ, people were very confused on how a 2L SOHC engine could do this at the time. This escort slowly progressed into a race car and through the 80s, it won many events which left people stunned by its performance.


This car was raced with names such as Rodger Freeth & Kerran Wheels in the Tranzam / Sports Sedans serious. The car was sold on in the 90s and still today its left a great footprint in the NZ motorsport industry. Bruce still races to date in a wild naturally aspirated MK2 Escort and performs at the top of its class.


Manon Butler Motors was established by Bruce and John Butler in the 80s, they set out to provide a service of building performance race cars for NZ using their knowledge in Turbocharging and Rotary engines. The company is still building race cars to date!. They cater now for the classic race cars and do the odd japanese performance car. They also perform general repairs to everyday cars.


Now to MRP, coming from all this background set us in the path to this performance car scene. Building our own race car which also has made its mark in the performance car scene.
This Toyota Levin GTZ holds the NZ FWD Turbo street class record 10.88@130.22mph, not only was it good on the 1/4 mile but even better on the circuit, claiming 2nd in the street class Superlap Pukekohe 2008 with a 1.04s and then later in the year Winning Superlap Taupo.
Fast forward to 2015/16 we claimed Street Pro Champion in the Superlap NZ series consisting of 7 rounds. MRP Levin managed to take out 6/7 round wins with issues on the final round hindering a clean sweep.

Fortune Auto

In 2011 MRP LTD gained sole distribution rights to NZ/Australia of Fortune Auto USA Coilovers & products.

This distribution was setup as MRP believes in selling the customer the best coilover at affordable pricing.
All Fortune Auto coilvoers are valved to suit the car and the springs rates chosen. Unlike other manufactures which use generic shock adsorbers throughout their whole range.

– Fortune Auto coilovers feature 50mm digresive piston technology
– Fortune Auto offer custom valved sets for the ultimate racer in mind.
– These coilovers are for enthusiasts who are after the best quality product at the high end of the scale but with a very reasonable price tag.