Toda 4age 16v Cam Belt

NZD$255.00 ex TAX


4age 16v Racing Timing Belt
Suits all 4age 16v engines AE86/82/92

FEATURES of TODA High Power Timing Belt
Timing Belt StructureTODA high power timing belt (vs. standard belt)

Resistance to cutting : approx. 3.5 ~ 4 times
Heat resistance : approx. 2.5 ~ 3 times
Tooth integrity : approx. 3.0 ~ 4 times
Resistance to abrasion : approx. 2.5 ~ 3 times.

With using up-rated valve springs and high lift cams as well as being driven under more arduous sports driving conditions the additional stress placed on the original OEM cam belt are considerable. These additional stresses lead to among other things increased stretch degradation resulting in inaccurate valve timing as well as reduced durability.
TODA High Power Timing Belts are designed from high quality materials to give improved durability as well as reduced stretch degradation.NOTE: This product is only available for sale in New Zealand, if you are from overseas please search for you local Toda Dealer. Or contact us and we can help advise where to purchase

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