Toda 4age 20v Camshafts

NZD$1,370.00 ex TAX

Intake Cam

Exhaust Cam


Toda 4age 20v Camshafts suit both Silvertop & Blacktop heads

Toda Camshafts are the highest quality and are all race tested. Proven to give you the best power gains.

Cams are sold in pairs (Intake/Exhaust)

Please select from the list below on cam spec
eg. 272/9.2 = 272 Duration / 9.2mm lift

For more information, please visit the link below

NOTE: This product is only available for sale in New Zealand, if you are from overseas please search for you local Toda Dealer. Or contact us and we can help advise where to purchase

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


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