Toda 4age 20v Forged Pistons

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Piston Size


4AG (5 valve) High Comp Forged Piston KIT for AE111
Engine type4AG 5 Valve (for AE111)
Part No.13010-111-00013020-111-00013040-111-000
Crown Volume *18.4cc/7.4cc8.4cc/7.4cc8.4cc/7.3cc
Projection Height *2-0.2mm-0.2mm-0.2mm
Reference C/R *3Standard head GKξ≈11.6:1
TODA head GK t=0.8mmξ≈12.2:1
Standard head GKξ≈11.7:1
TODA head GK t=0.8mmξ≈12.3:1
Standard head GKξ≈11.8:1
TODA head GK t=0.8mmξ≈12.5:1
*1:Crown volume is measured “from the piston shoulder”/”from the deck of the block”.
*2:Piston shoulder height is measured from the deck of the block.
*3:The compression ratios given above are only to be taken as a guide, measurements are required.

NOTE: This product is only available for sale in New Zealand, if you are from overseas please search for you local Toda Dealer. Or contact us and we can help advise where to purchase

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