4age Billet Crank Girdle

NZD$899.00 ex TAX


MRP 4age/7a Billet Aluminium Crank Girdle

Billet Steel High Grade
Zinc Plated
Extended ARP main stud kit included (longer studs as 4age ARP ones are too short)
Works with 4age OEM windage tray and 4age Sump
Does not work with 7afe sumps
Dual sump bolt pattern to suit 16v/20v (Also fits 7a blocks with a sump spacer)
Fits all 4age/7a engines in FWD, RWD & AW11
Lowers the sump down 8mm
The design also acts as a main cap reinforcement so there is no need for ladder caps

The 4age blocks lack lateral support at the crankshaft center line.
This lack of support can lead to the block and crankshaft bending under high loads. This can lead to excessive bearing wear and block failure.
MRP main bearing girdle prevents distortion and misalignment of the main bearings under extreme performance applications.
Why spend thousands building your engine and lack 1 item which can give you that added confidence.
A must for all high rev & boost turbo applications.

Note: Main Tunnels should be line honed with the Girdle bolted in place to get a 100% accurate round hole.

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Weight 6.5 kg


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