MRP 20v Coil On Plug Adapter Plate R35

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MRP 20v Coil On Plug (COP) for Nissan R35 Coils

1x COP Adapter Plate T6061 Aluminium – Anodised Black or Silver
This adapter plate covers the entire center section of the 20v cam cover and allows all the wiring to pass underside giving a very clean look

Fits Nissan R35 Coils using extended tubes
*Optional CAS Cover
*Optional 4x R35 Brand New Aftermarket Coils
*Optional 4x R35 wire in plug kits
* Optional extended coil stalks to make the R35 coil fit into the 20v head

This kit has been designed for those running turbo setups and require reliable spark. R35 GTR coils are known to be one of the best at this job.
It can be run on the stock ECU but we would recommend using an aftermarket ECU to fully control these correctly
Better spark means more power + It keeps the setup looking very clean

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