Tomei 4age 16v Poncam

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4age 16v Tomei Poncams

These are a direct drop in camshaft and will run on the stock ECU.
Power gains 15hp+

Plenty of response, the true NA feeling all the way up to redline.
Retains smooth idle.
With extensive R&D, the best valve timing possible for a completely bolt-on and go camshaft.
Increased compression ratio for increased performance.
Compatible with stock, or even a 4 throttle setup.
A balanced specification at 264°.

During the Tomei 4AG project, the main focus was aimed at the development of the camshafts which over 10 prototypes were constructed.
Through undergoing such criteria as our engine bench tests, actual road tests, and noise assessment, nothing has been compromised until the perfect product had been developed.
The best camshafts for the 4AG has been created.

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