Kaaz LSD AE86

NZD$1,650.00 ex TAX


Kaaz LSD Diff – AE86

1.5 way & 2 way

There are 2 fitment types available:
Pre 85
85-87 Model

We use these diffs on our all race cars here in NZ. They perform and don’t give any problems.

Factory Differentials vs Kaaz

Most factory differentials are open, which means power is sent to the wheel that has the least resistance. It allows the wheels to turn at different rates such as in a turn, but it is also inefficient in power delivery. It causes single-wheel burnouts when you launch and unwanted wheel spin when you accelerate out of a corner.

Some manufactures equip certain vehicles with viscous differentials. This is a type of limited-slip differential, intended to offer the benefits of an open differential but without the drawbacks of unwanted wheel spin. This is achieved by a series of plates separated by a viscous fluid, which work together to optimize the power distribution sent to the wheels. Although this is more beneficial to performance than an open unit, a viscous limited-slip differential cannot know where to send the power until a wheel starts slipping. Most factory offerings in this case are sloppier than a performance-oriented limited-slip differential.

Kaaz limited-slip differentials solve the problems associated with factory equipment. Kaaz products are built and tuned to deliver higher strength, more traction, and greater stability. The result is quicker lap times and improved handling characteristics with the car under your control in a performance setting.


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Weight 14 kg


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