AE86 4age Link MonsoonX G4 Kit

NZD$2,895.00 ex TAX


MRP Link MonsoonX with Full Engine Loom Harness

If you like the value of the AtomX, but are looking for a couple of extra features, then the MonsoonX is the ECU for you.
Especially if you are planning on running a turbo setup
This allows you to plug the ECU directly into your car with a few additional wires to wire in

– MonsoonX
– MRP AE86 Full Engine Loom – Motorsport Grade
– Start up Map
– We can setup for Coil on Plug or stock lead setup
– 16v & 20v Available

With the Monsoon you have all the tuning capabilities of the Atom, but you can also choose to run some of the following features: Gearshift Control, Launch Control, Anti-lag, VVT Control and Closed Loop Boost Control. It also comes with a built in 4Bar MAP sensor further reducing installation cost.

Note: The Monsoon will run any of the above features, but it cannot run them all at once. The amount of features you can run is dependent on how many of the limited Inputs and Outputs each feature needs.

The Monsoon can control up to 2 rotors or 4 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark. This makes it ideal for naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines that just need a retune and one or two extra features, so you don’t need to jump up to one of our higher level ECUs.




  • 4 x Digital Inputs
  • 2 x Temperature Inputs
  • 4 x Analog Inputs
  • 2 x Trigger Inputs
  • 1 x onboard 4 Bar MAP sensor


  • 4 x Injector Drivers
  • 4 x Ignition Drivers
  • 6 x Auxiliary Outputs*
  • +5V Sensor Power Supply

* unused ignition drives can also be used as auxiliary outputs


  • 1x CAN bus
  • 1x USB tuning connection

Advanced features (not found on the Atom): 

  • Full gear shift control, antilag, rolling antilag and launch control.
  • Up to 2 fully variable closed loop VVT cams.


  • 32Mb of logging memory
  • 20 general purpose tables
  • Runs on PC Link software
  • The Monsoon comes supplied with waterproof connectors, a mounting bracket and a USB tuning cable.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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