MRP 4age 7age Baffled Sump

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MRP 4age 7age Baffled Race Sump

Fully designed in house & Manufactured in New Zealand
Track tested to extensive conditions, this will stop all your oil surge issues which are common on high speed tracks
Featuring Dynamic 4 trap door system

Application: 4age/7age RWD & FWD. Both early (16v) and late (20v) model sump pattern designs
Material: Mild Steel – (We have tried aluminum in the past and due to the harmonics from highly tuned 4age engines the aluminium cracks over time)
Finish: Zinc Plated
Baffles: Internal dynamic 30 deg trap doors
Windage Tray: Specially designed integrated windage tray therefore you can remove the OEM tray which makes installation much simpler
Volume: 4.8L
Ports: Oil Temp, Turbo Drain, Drain plug, Head drain
Cap screws provided for fastening
5age/7age/9age requires an additional sump spacer so the crank clears the internal windage tray – Can be made to fit without the spacer by grinding of the tray but we recommend the spacer for easy installation (6mm thick)
There is no sump gasket as the 4age engine does not run a gasket, they are designed for sealant

These have been designed to universally fit all variants of 4age/7age setups – AE86, KE Corolla, AE82/92/101/111
Sump is 10mm total less height over the oem pan, we raised the floor section to bring it closer to the stock pick up thus submerging the pick up more into the oil
Notes: Will not work with SS oil pick ups

Due to the complexity of these sumps they may require a 3 weeks turn around if not in stock – Please contact us before hand to check

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