AE82 AE92 Exhaust Header Manifold

NZD$895.00 ex TAX


Martelius AE82/AE92 Header Made in Finland – Super High Quality with Calculated Design Approach + Dyno Tested

  • Suits 16v and 20v 4AGE’s
  • Fits with 16V distributor
  • 4-2-1 design
  • Long secondaries promote a strong mid-range without choking the top-end
  • Optimized for engines outputting anywhere from 180-220hp
  • Suits 7age conversions and 4agze engines
  • Thin wall steel construction for weight savings
  • Perfect for rally use where stainless steel will end up cracking
  • Comes black ceramic coated for heat management and performance
  • Efficient 4-2-1 design Tubing diameter (mm): 41.5 – 44.5 – 50.8
  • For models without catalytic converter – Needs to be welded if assembled with standard exhaust system

Note: For ease of shipping and installation, this header comes in 3 piecesĀ and is just slipped together, then bolted in place.

The oil filter will need to be right up against the block or on a sandwich plate at most. The larger oil filter mount found on later 4AGE 20v will need to be removed with an Oil filter union which we can provide if asked for.


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Weight 8 kg


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