7age Long Rod Engine Conversion Kit

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MRP 7age Long Rod engine internal conversion kit

We have over 10 years of experience with the 7age engine, built many engines to date in both N/A and Turbo form. From 200hp all the way to 1000hp.
Using quality parts is the key to an engine which not only makes big power but is reliable.

This kit is designed by MRP and caters for the ultimate 7age enthusiast.
Featring a much longer rod coupled with a short piston design giving a rod/stroke ratio of 1.63:1.
The standard 7a rod/stroke ratio is 1.55:1, a stock 4age rod/stroke ratio is 1.58:1.

Custom Traum Pistons Designed to MRP Specifications with Rings & Gudgen Pins
MRP 7age Forged Billet Conrods with ARP2000 Bolts
MRP 7age re cut crank sprocket (aligns timing of crank to cams)
King Engine Bearings or Optional ACL Race
Cam belt kit to suit either 16v or 20v setup
Optional Alternator bracket suit 20v setup (16v does not require this part)
Optional Power Steering bracket suit fwd setups (rwd does not require this)
OEM Toyota head gasket or optional TRD gasket

This is a basic kit to get your 7age working correctly. If there is any other parts you may need please contact us direct to discuss


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