7age Engine Conversion Kit

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MRP 7age engine internal conversion kit

We have over 10 years of experience with the 7age engine, built many engines to date in both N/A and Turbo form. From 200hp all the way to 1000hp.
Using quality parts is the key to an engine which not only makes big power but is reliable.


  • MRP 7age Forged Billet Conrods with ARP2000 Bolts
  • MRP 7age re cut crank sprocket (aligns timing of crank to cams)
  • King Engine Bearings (optional acl race bearings)
  • Cam belt kit to suit either 16v or 20v setup
  • Optional Alternator bracket suit 20v setup (16v does not require this part)
  • Optional Power Steering bracket suit fwd setups (rwd does not require this)
  • OEM piston set in any format – 20v, 16v etc.
  • Optional MRP Forged Custom Traum Pistons custom made for the 7AGE (Not off the shelf 4age forged pistons which would make compression too high)
  • OEM Toyota head gasket or optional TRD gasket

**Optional Upgrades**
Saenz Conrods
Acl race bearing upgrade – Our rods feature 2 sets of bearing tangs to fit Nissan acl race bearings

This is a basic kit to get your 7age working correctly. If there is any other parts you may need please contact us direct to discuss

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2 reviews for 7age Engine Conversion Kit

  1. phillip smith

    love what i see, i need to do a 7age aswell

  2. Carlos Miguel

    Que espectáculo, hay que hacer esta operación y sentir como cambia al hacerlo… waooo

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