4agze 170mm High Boost Pulley Kit Solid

NZD$595.00 ex TAX

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4agze Boost up Pulley Kit 170mm

Balanced for use at high RPM’s
Reinforced crank boss to prevent failure!
Longer Belt Included
Idler Pulley included
Solid Billet T6061 Aluminium

On a bone stock 4AGZE this should raise the boost to around 13PSI. If your engine has a much larger intercooler, you will not see quite so high boost pressure, but you will see much more power.
They weigh in at nearly 70% lighter than the factory pulleys. The keyway boss is larger to help prevent the keyway breakout that is so common on high revving 4AG’s

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

3 reviews for 4agze 170mm High Boost Pulley Kit Solid

  1. Dominick Hinton

    Hello from Colorado! I have a question about this crank pulley! I have 1988 Toyota MR2 SC that I’m restoring and currently have unknown aftermarket crank pulley. The belt chirps bad at full boost and I’m worried it’s also not a true harmonic balancer. Is this product consider a true harmonic balancer? My biggest concern is the unknown main bearing damage and wear that the4agze already has from the current pulley. After rebuilding the long block I don’t want to put a aftermarket crank pulley on if it is not a true harmonic balancer. Can product create more boost and serve as a harmonic balancer? Thank you!

  2. Matt

    Dominick did you receive an answer to your question? I have the same concerns.

  3. zack

    Hello sir i from malaysia. i have a question between this pully(175mm) and 170mm pulley which better sir.. 170mm or 175mm..?

    • mrp-performance

      The Harmonic dampened one is always better which is 170mm

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