4agze 175mm High Boost Pulley Kit Solid

NZD$475.00 ex TAX


4agze Boost up Pulley Kit 175mm

Balanced for use at high RPM’s
Faster engine revving
Reinforced crank boss to prevent failure!
Longer Belt Included
Idler Pulley included
Solid Billet T6061 Aluminium

On a bone stock 4AGZE this should raise the boost to around 14PSI. If your engine has a much larger intercooler, you will not see quite so high boost pressure, but you will see much more power.
They weigh in at nearly 70% lighter than the factory pulleys. The keyway boss is 200% larger and reinforced to help prevent the keyway breakout that is so common on high revving 4AG’s

Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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