4age Turbo FWD Manifold

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MRP Custom 4age Turbo FWD Manifold

**Current Lead time to make the Exhaust Manifold is 4-8 weeks**

We have designed these manifolds to be tidy with high flow merge collectors plus long runners for more mid range torque.
People may say manifold design for turbo setups don’t make a difference which is not true at all.
Properly designed manifolds will gain you power & spool up over the whole rev range.
Our manifolds are Dyno & Track proven up to 700hp with many happy customers.

Suit Front Wheel drive in all AE engine bays (AE82/92/101/111)
Flange suits both 16v/20v heads
Equal length runners
Ram Horm Style to maximise runner length
Long low angle merge collector to maximise flow into turbo
Material – 3.7mm Steam Tube SC40
Coatings – Standard VHT Black / Optional Ceramic (700C) or Black Satin (1000C)
Turbo Flange – All flange types available please specify on cart check out (T25/T3/T4/T3 Divided/T4 Divided/TD05 etc)
Fully TIG welded
12mm Thick Flanges
M10 studs & nuts provided
Wastegate port to suit 38mm 2 bolt Tial style – Optional V Band flange available

Divided Flange Setups:
When using a twin scroll ex housing setup the runners are placed in the correct firing order to maximise the pulsing of the cylinders. This system is more complex to build which requires either 2x wastegate ports or a 2-1 wastegate setup.
2 Model types available:
Non Air Con setup – Turbo compressor housing faces cam belt side of engine meaning shorter IC piping can be done.
Air Con setup – Turbo compressor housing faces gearbox side.
Both models fit with Power Steering

All Manifolds come with a 10 year no crack warranty

We can custom make to suit your requirements as well if you require turbo to sit in a different location – Please contact us to discuss

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