4age 20v Velocity Stacks

NZD$230.00 ex TAX




MRP 4age 20v Velocity Stacks

All our velocity stacks feature 3/4 rolled bell ends and are tapered wall which gives far better flow performance over home made pressed ones
Made from high quality aluminium and spun to shape
Silvertop & Blacktop are available
40mm version will fit inside the AE101/111 oem plenum box with a little hammer work on the plenum to clear
70mm version is a good all rounder and give lots of clerance in RWD applications in RHD cars.
95mm versions are Billet 1 piece for the Blacktop throttles only, these would ideally require the Pipercross filter box setup we also sell to fit FWD RWD LHD. For RHD cars the clutch master is in the way to fit a Pipercross box.

Cap screws provided for mounting

2 Piece Jet Cut Aluminium T6061 Flange – We found welded ones have a certain life expectancy as the welds will eventually crack from vibrations, therefore all our setups feature this 2 piece design. An added bonus is you can buy different length stacks from us and retain the same flange.

Various length are available, just use the drop down list

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Weight 2 kg


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