4age 20v Drop In Upgrade 10hp+

NZD$1,265.00 ex TAX


4age 20v Drop In Upgrade 10hp+

MRP Stage 1.5 mod to suit 4age 20v Blacktop
Drop in kit meaning no ECU mods are required, just install the parts and gain 10hp+!
Works with 7age conversion as well

MRP VVT N/A Camshafts
264 Deg Intake 9.5mm
268 Deg Exhaust 9.4mm
Toda AE111 20v Valve Springs

This kit will require removal of the cylinder head to change the valve springs, unless you have special tools required to pressurize the cylinder which will hold the valves in place.

**Optional Adjustable Exhaust Cam Gear which can help fine tune your power curve**
We would also recommend our 95mm velocity stacks to free up more power

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Weight 5 kg


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