4age 16v Stainless Steel Valves +0.5mm

NZD$480.00 ex TAX


MRP 4age 16v Stainless Steel Valves +0.5mm

These are our own custom made 1 piece solid valves
Stainless Steel EV8 (21-4N) Intake Valves
Stainless Steel EV16 Exhaust Valves for greater strength at higher temperatures (suitable for turbo applications)
Black Nitride Coating
Very strong and will hold up to turbo applications using big boost 30psi+
Suitable for N/A high rev 10,000rpm+

31mm Intake Valve (+0.5mm), 5.98mm Stem, 99.60mm Long
26.0mm Exhaust Valve (+0.5mm), 5.97mm Stem, 99.75mm Long

Note: Photo shows un coated valve. These are now black nitride coated


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Weight 1 kg


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