R9 Moza Wheel Base V2

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Moza R9 Wheel Base V2

One of the best entry level direct drive wheel bases on the market

9 N·m of Torque from
A Direct Drive Servo Motor
The R9’s 9N·m of torque can simulate a full range of steering forces and car handling characteristics.

Minimum Weight & Maximum Torque
Maximum torque from a compact body.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing
Unmatched quality and durability. The MOZA R9’s whole housing is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy.

Smart Temperature Control System
To ensure stable operation and endurance during a competition. The temperature control strategy uses built-in temperature sensors.

Zero Latency Wireless Technology
Wirelessly transmit data and power between the steering wheel and the base.

Quad Core Architecture
No matter how complex the force feedback calculations get. The unique Quad CPUs can reliably process the task at maximum precision.

APP Cloud Control
The settings of the wheel base, steering wheel, pedals, etc. can be modified through the MOZA APP. Settings can be imported with one click onto new simulators.

Compatible, Customizable
The R9 can be connected to all of MOZA Racing’s hardware.


  • Applicable Platform – PC
  • Driving Type – Direct Drive
  • Maximum Steering Angle – Unlimited
  • Housing Material – Aluminum Alloys
  • Housing Color – Black/White
  • Maximum Torque – 9 N·m
  • Maximum Power – 180W
  • Input Voltage – 110V~220V AC —> 36V DC
  • USB Refresh Rate – 1000Hz
  • Wheel Base Indicator Light – Applicable
  • Smartphone APP – Applicable
  • Quick Release – Customized Quick Release
  • Connection Port – Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen
  • Accessories – User Guide, Warranty Card, Power Supply, USB Cable, Took Kit
  • Mounting – 4 holes on the bottom; exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
  • Table Clamp – Optional
  • Side Mounting – Optional
  • Emergency Stop Switch – Optional
  • Firmware Upgrade – Applicable
  • Size (L x W x H)(mm) – 240x157x124

Optional Add on:
CS Wheel
GS Wheel
KS Wheel
Mounting Brackets

Additional Items:
SRP Pedals

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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