Moza Racing CS Steering Wheel

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Designed with Forged carbon fiber , armed with zero latency wireless technology, the RS is lightweight and  durable.

  • Forged Carbon Fibre Framework & Shifter Paddle.
  • To 330mm Standard Wheel for a real racing experience.
  • Magnetic Shifter Paddles The contactless photoelectric technology makes the paddles extremely reliable. For fast responsive shifts
  • Customized Quick Release Switch the CS wheel in split seconds. The CS wheel uses a quick-release system derived from the steering wheel systems of real race cars. Ensuring a stable connection between the wheel and the wheel base.
  • Manage complex operations with 15 programmable buttons, 2 universal joysticks and, 2 twenty segment knobs. When pressed the buttons have a satisfying mechanical movement. Even with gloves on button presses are clearly felt. On either side of the steering wheel is a 20-segment knob.
  • The steering wheel shift light indicator has evolved from a dot matrix to a continuous LED light strip. The 10-segmented LED light strip can produce 256 colors RGB. Light timing and settings can be adjusted to meet a racer’s needs.
  • In order to eliminate connection failures due to steering wheel rotations. The power supply and signal transmission use a patented wireless technology developed by MOZA. This design eliminates the flaw of wired connections failing due to rotational twisting of the wires.


  • Grip Material : Leather
  • Frame and Front Plate Material : Brushed Aluminum Alloy, Forged carbon fiber
  • Shifter Paddle Material : 3 mm-thick forged carbon fiber
  • Size : 330mm wheel
  • Magnetic Shifter Paddles : 2
  • 20-segment Knob (Can be Pressed) : 2
  • Universal Rocker (Can be Pressed) : 2
  • Knock-Down (K/D) Method : D1 spec quick release
  • Paddle Sensor : Contactless photoelectric sensor

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