R5 Moza Wheel Base & Pedals

NZD$868.00 ex TAX


Moza Racing R5 Bundle

Wheel Base:

5.5 Nm of Torque from Direct Drive Power (TBD)

With a punchy 5.5Nm of torque, feel everything the road has to give with the power of direct drive.

Lightweight Design, Maximum Torque

Using clever design techniques, the D05 delivers maximum power with minimum volume and weight, allowing for a wider audience to get the best simracing experience.

Aviation-grade Aluminum

Aluminum alloy gives a sleek look, with powerful durability and endurance.

Ultra low torque ripple and groove torque

Countless hours have been spent with local engineers and motorsport experts to achieve the best steering possible, featuring ultra-low torque ripple and groove, for a smoother experience than ever.

Intelligent Temperature Control

With MOZA’s onboard temperature monitoring, even endurance racers can relax knowing that the D05 will provide reliable performance.

Steering Wheel:

Exquisite, Sporty Leather

With careful sewing and coating, our high-quality leather feels good to touch and for extended use.

Racing-level Quick Release System

MOZA’s all aluminum, quick release system allows for effortless changing of wheel rims. Whether you are rallying or racing in F1, swap wheels in mere seconds.

22 Customizable Buttons

22 fully customizable buttons allow for racers to make all of the on-board adjustments they need while in the heat of battle.


Full High-Strength Steel

Pure, high-strength steel gives these pedals a rock-solid durability and feel.

For the Pros, or for Home

Our anti-slip pad ensures that even if you do not have a full rig, you can still enjoy high-quality pedals! The anti-slip makes consistent braking and throttle control easy.

Adjustable Pedal Spacing

For optimum ergonomics, pedals can be easily spaced and configured for maximum comfort and accessibility.

Detachable, Flexible Setup

Whether racers want to mount inverted pedals or have other ideas, our detachable design allows for home setups or professional simulator designs.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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