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Link G4X AtomX ECU

The Link G4X AtomX ECU is the latest version of our entry-level ECU. Don’t let its size fool you however, the AtomX has 512 megabytes data logging and uses the same microcontroller as the entire G4X range! It is more responsive and has higher bandwidth that its G4+ Atom II predecessor.

G4X features 8 x faster communications speed, allowing you to download logs 8 x faster and pushes all the logging quickly up to a new and improved PCLink – available for download below in the features tab. G4X has 512MB of logging at 32bit using up to 250 channels, each limited to up to 1kHz per channel (by the Operating System), with a maximum of 100kHz.

The AtomX can control up to 2 rotors or 4 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark. This makes it ideal for naturally aspirated engines that just need a re-tune and don’t need all the extra sensors and features that come with our higher level ECUs.

The AtomX is ideal for:
1-12 Cylinder Distributed
2-8 Cylinder Wasted Spark
1-4 Cylinder Direct Spark
Odd Fire Engines
2-Stroke Engines
Configurable Firing Order
Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)
*Requires “A” loom.

2 x Digital inputs
2 x Temperature inputs
3 x Analog inputs
2 x Trigger inputs

4 x Injection drives
4 x Ignition drivers
4 x Auxiliary outputs*
* unused ignition drives can also be used as auxiliary outputs

1x CAN bus
1 x thirty four pin, waterproof connectors
1x USB tuning connection
Upgraded communications chip
+5V Sensor power supply

Comes loaded with all of Link ECU’s standard features
Onboard barometric pressure sensor
512MB of logging memory
20 general purpose tables
Runs on PC Link software for G4X

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Weight 3 kg


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