7K Long Rod Piston Kit

NZD$2,095.00 ex TAX


MRP Custom Long Rod 7k Setup

This kit is designed by MRP and caters for the ultimate 7k enthusiast.
Featuring a much longer rod coupled with a short piston design giving a rod/stroke ratio of 1.6:1.

How this helps performance?
A longer rod makes more torque with the same piston force, and since it’s less  angular than a shorter rod, reduces sidewall loading and decreases friction. All  of this adds up to more power.
Longer rods also give the pistons more “dwell,” the  brief periods of time the piston is at top dead center and bottom dead center. A  longer dwell allows for better flow of intake and exhaust gases since the piston  moves slower between up- and down strokes.
Longer dwell also offers more time to fill the cylinders  during the intake stroke and more time to scavenge during overlap. And since the  piston hangs out at or near TDC longer, the combustion stroke has more time to  deliver a thorough release of energy on to the piston.

The kit features:
Billet 4340 MRP Spec H-Beam Conrods at 5% longer  – With ARP2000 bolts standard
Custom Forged Traum Pistons made to order in any compression ratio (With Total seal rings & Gudgen pins)


Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg


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