4AGE 16v HKS Racing Timing Belt

NZD$250.00 ex TAX


4AGE 16v HKS Racing Timing Belt

For all 16v Engines (also suits 7age 20v conversions running the Silvertop or 16v oil pump)

HKS timing belts offer a precision fit with easy installation and no interference engine damage – exactly what you’ve come to expect from the worldwide leader in timing belts.
– Tensile cord reinforced with premium, high-strength glass cords
– Gripping teeth with aramid fiber technology and high saturation HNBR elastomeric composites for exceptional durability and heat resistance
– Wear-resistant tooth jacket supported by reinforced nylon fabric and double-tooth stability

The superior construction of HKS timing belts makes them 300 percent stronger than the standard aftermarket belt while providing up to three times the heat resistance.

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