20v Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit

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MRP 4age 20v Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit

We have develped a top feed fuel rail kit which bolts onto the 4age 20v quad throttle setup.
When pushing the limits on a turbo conversion there are no side feed injectors available greater than 800cc. Running on E85 and producing over 360wkw will be an issue.
Therefore our top feed kit opens up many more injector possibilities.

Kit Contains:
Fuel rail with your choice of AN size fittings welded onto the ends (-6, -8, -10)
Injector holes bored to 11.1mm
Fuel rail brackets & hardware
Throttle linkage bottom mount kit

This setup fits with Denso Top Feed Injectors ie. Mitsubish Evo 4-8
Boring out of the holes where the injectors sit down is needed (+1.5mm ID), it can be done using a die grinder as this part does not need to be accurate.
We have yet to test the earlier model Denso style which are thinner. They may fit in with no mods needed to the itb manifold.

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