Znoelli SP500 Sports Pads

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Znoelli SP500

These pads are designed as an all-star fast road replacement product with excellent bite from cold and an upper temperature range at the peak of what you’ll find in a road legal brake pad. They are suitable for all types of normal street use and some sprint track type applications. They have a good friction coefficient with a peak of 0.47 mu and work extremely well from cold. These pads are an organic semi-metalic compound with a maximum continuous working temperature of 550 deg C. They are burnished during production at a temperature of 650 deg C while being compressed with 1000kg of force. This process eliminates “green fade” on road cars and massively reduces break in times. There are still however specific bedding procedures to be followed if used as a track/racecar type product.

Heat Range: 0 – 550 deg C (continuous) 650 deg C (Spike)
Friction mu value: 0.42 – 0.47
Burnished for fast bedding in
Provision for OE wear sensors and ancillaries

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