Supertech 4age 20v +1mm Valves

NZD$699.00 ex TAX


Supertech 4age 20v +1mm Oversize valve set

Suit both Silvertop & Blacktop (12x Intake Valves, 8x Exhaust Valves)
A direct install of these valves with the correct seat cutting will instantly net 6cfm flow gain on the intake and 15cfm on the exhaust with no other mods


Black Nitrided Intake Valve
  • Head Diam: 27.50mm (+1.0)
  • Stem Diam: 4.96mm
  • Undercut / 30 Backcut


Black Nitrided Exhaust Valve
  • Head Diam: 27.00mm (+1.0)
  • Stem Diam: 4.97mm
  • Length: 108.40mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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