Simline BPv3 Ultimate Button Box

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Simline BPv3 Ultimate SC2 Wireless

BPv3 Ultimate is our newest, most advanced product distinguished by its versatility. It even fits on some 28cm rims!

The most important features:

Design and ergonomics:
Compact and ergonomic design, so it fits most rims available on the market, the compatibility list is long, but if you are not sure if it will fit your rim, write to us and we can check
We placed the funky switches on purpose, not symmetrically so that one of them is easier to access and the other is more difficult, at the same time making it easier to access the button.
The buttons we used are very high-quality MEC switches with a high resistance of 6.5 Nm to prevent accidental pressing and with large matte caps so that they do not tire your fingers.

BPv3 Ult has been equipped with 29 functions that can be extended by another 6 (special places on the PCB):
– 6x ALPS / MEC push buttons
– 2x funky switch (D-Pad + Encoder + Push button) we made a special circuit to prevent problems with the push button
– 2x Bourns Encoders with 16 positions and a push button, they have a very pleasant feeling, even when wearing gloves
– 2x adjustable magnetic alluminium shifters
– Optional pads on PCB for external buttons (like mounted on Sparco P310 rim)

Materials used:
The back cover is made of one piece of aluminum on a precise CNC machine, it has also been sandblasted and oxidized, thanks to which the coating is very scratch-resistant and does not get dirty so easily.
The front is genuine carbon fiber, as is the Twill option and the Forged Carbon option
Inside there is a specially designed PCB with an original Simucube controller, we encourage you to look inside, we are not afraid of it!
However, remember that you must have good quality Allen wrenches 0.9, 1.3, 2.0 and 2.5 mm for this.
All knobs are made of aluminum, specially made for us, they are also sandblasted and oxidized.
The stickers added to the kit are high-quality stickers in three versions:
– standard color
– fluorescent green
– beige, glowing light green in the dark

Power supply:
We used a large battery to power the steering wheel, which in our Sim-Center in Poland has no problems for 4 weeks, after this time it is enough to connect the steering wheel to the USB port and charge for 2 hours. It can still be used while it is charging.

There are 2 options to choose from – SC2 Wireless or USB Cable
In BPv3 Ult we used the latest SC2 Wireless controller with support for analog signals and an external antenna, thanks to which the connection is very stable.

Note: Pictures show a dual clutch option, this listing does not include dual clutch

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