MRP Billet 7age Crankshaft

NZD$3,000.00 ex TAX


Custom MRP 7age 85.5mm Billet 4340 Crank Fully Counter Weighted

  • Large counter weights to dampen harmonics at high RPM which is essential for reducing flex and improving life span of the crankshaft
  • Extra large section through rod journal to counter weight for increased strength and reduced flex in one of the most critical areas of load
  • 8 Bolt to take 4age flywheels
  • OEM journal sizes so you can use the OEM size bearings
  • Oil gallery holes have lead in/outs to help increase oil flow to the bearings
  • Oil gallery feeds are the same as the 4age crank meaning constant 360 degree of oil supply to the journals at all times unlike the oem 7afe crank
  • Dual offset crank sprocket keyway
  • Nitrided, Fully balanced
  • Race & Rally tested to extreme conditions 10,000rpm and over 800hp

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Weight 15 kg


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