Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Zero

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Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Zero – Rubber Rim

The GT PRO V2 – Zero Rubber combines the new button box with the durability and superior comfort of the GT- Zero Rubber rim.

Bring out your drive thanks to the new features of the new GT generation: starting from now, you can choose your button box with two or four paddles in two different colors.

Thanks to Dual Mode, you can connect your GT PRO V2 – Sport to your PC in two different ways: via Bluetooth or via Q-CONN cable.

  • On/Off pushbutton on the rear of the wheel
  • Aluminum die-cast main body with a carbon fibre main plate
  • Connection and battery status LEDs

Experience precision and control with the Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Zero Rubber Sim Racing Steering Wheel. Its innovative design features precise magnetic switchless shifter paddles and offers both USB and wireless connectivity options, making your sim racing experience more seamless and engaging.

  • Soft and Durable Rubber Grip: The steering wheel’s rubber grip is both soft and resilient, providing a comfortable hold that withstands intensive use.
  • Dual Mode Connectivity: Choose between Bluetooth or Q-CONN cable for a flexible and reliable connection to your PC, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Customisable Paddles and Buttons: Tailor the wheel to your style with adjustable paddles and backlit buttons, compatible with Sim Hub software for a personalised touch.
  • In-Software Clutch and Shifters Configuration: Fine-tune your wheel’s settings for optimal performance, tailored to your racing style and preferences.
  • 40 Hours Battery Life with Integrated Charging: The 1500mAh LiPo battery offers extended playtime, with convenient in-use charging for uninterrupted races.
  • Connection and Battery Status LEDs: Stay informed about your wheel’s status with clear indicators for charging, power levels, and connectivity.
  • Wheel Hub Compatibility: Fits with standard quick release hubs, allowing for easy installation and versatility across setups.
  • Varied Controls: 6 Momentary buttons, 2 ON/OFF toggle switches with status LED, 2 front rotary encoders with LED RGB, 2 Thumb rotary encoders and 2 Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder.
  • VR Friendly Design: The wheel’s layout and features are optimised for virtual reality environments, offering an immersive and intuitive racing experience.

Enhancing your performance and precision in sim racing is central to the Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Zero Rubber Sim Racing Steering Wheel. Its zero-play, short-throw magnetic switchless shifter paddles ensure rapid and accurate gear changes. The customisable button box, along with the tactile feedback of the controls, ensures every command is executed with pinpoint accuracy. The GT-Zero Rubber rim, combined with the ergonomic design of the wheel, ensures comfort during extended sessions, maintaining consistent performance without fatigue.

Taking the next step towards a more immersive and controlled racing experience is straightforward. The Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Zero Rubber Sim Racing Steering Wheel combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design to enhance your driving skills.

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