Bosch 200 aka 044

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Bosch 275l/h @5bar In-line fuel pump.

This fuel pump kit is the replacement for the Bosch 044 (was Bosch part number 0 580 254 044). With improved design and high quality material, the expected service life is 2.5x the 044 pump.

Bosch 200 Fuel Pump Kit that Replaced 044


  • It is capable of providing 275l/h @ 5bar
  • Flows ~10% higher than 044 at 7bar -do not exceed 7-bar fuel pressure
  • Weighs 15% less than 044 at 860g
  • Draws 14amps (±1A) with 5 bar fuel rail pressure and 15amps (±1A) at 8bar
  • M18x1.5 inlet fitting and M12x1.5 outlet fitting
  • External non return valve – pressure relief valve 8-10bar
  • Not suitable for voltage regulation (variable speed control)
  • Compatible with gasoline and diesel
  • Operating Voltage: 6 – 15V

This pump is designed to be used as an external pump, not intank.  We recommend you look at the range of TI Automotive (was Walbro) pumps for a pump that is is designed to be used inside a fuel tank.

The pump in the kit is Bosch part number 0 580 464 150.  The 200 part number refers to the Bosch kit.

Please check the drawing below and notes below if you are replacing an existing 044 fuel pump.

  • the diameter of the pump is smaller without the noise supressing sleeve and the sleeve does not go the full length of the pump
  • the outlet thread in the end of the 200 pump is M10 x 1.0 while on the 044 it was M12 x 1.5





The Bosch 200 kit supercedes the Bosch 044 one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps and is sometimes refered to as the “Bosch Motorsport Fuel Pump”.

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