AT Power Dry Sump Pump 3 Stage

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Cordis 3 Stage Oil Pressure/Scavenge Pump

AT Power’s 3-stage Cordis Pumps are the most popular in the AT Power Pump range, and offers outstanding capacity of 14.3Ltr/Min @1000 RPM.
Billet machined Housings from Aerospace Aluminium to minimise its size and weight and is smaller and lighter than other conventional style pumps

Dual ported to improve rotor filling
Gerotor gears 5 lobe – Reliable and proven to pump fluid consistently
14.3 L/min @1000rpm is your typical flowing pump suited to most applications
Integrated adjustable pressure relief valve for final adjustment on installation
This pump has been designed to use either M22 x 1.5 Hydraulic fittings or flange fittings
Total Length 235mm! – These pumps are very slim for the amount of oil they can pump therefore can fit tight spaces
To ensure that AT Power’s Pumps meet the highest standards possible, each pump is tested and we provide each customer with a unique datasheet specific to the item’s serial number. This means that as soon as the pump is removed from its packaging, you can be confident that it is ready to be fitted and will perform to the maximum
Made in UK

PLEASE NOTE: AT Power also offer a selection of Hydraulic Pump fittings, Pump/Crank Pulleys and timing belts to interface with your AT Power Pump, please see our Oil Pump accessories for further details.


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