4age 16v Atlantic Valve Seat Insert

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4age 16v Atlantic Vale Seat Insert Motorsport Use

These are required when fitting Atlantic size valves into a 4age 16v head
OEM Seats in the head can’t be cut to fit a Atlantic size valves

KZinsert Valve Seats Made in the USA
Made from cast Tungston Carbide
Hardness R/c 42 – Easy on cutters
760-800 Deg C Operating range
Work-Hardens – The special Tungston carbide work-hardens within the first few miles of running.
Final hardness R/c 50. The initial softness allows the valves to bed into the seats correctly.

8x Inlet: 33.32 X 26.19 X 7.94mm
8x Exhaust: 28.58 X 19.05 X 7.94mm

Note: These are blank seats and require removing the OEM seats and cutting to final shape. Special procedures are required to fit inserts correctly.

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