Xspurt 2200cc High Resistance

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Please read the warnings at the bottom of the specification list.
*Price is for 1 Injector*

  • 2200cc/min at 3 bar (43.5psi), up to 3,300cc/min at 9 bar
  • high impedance (high resistance) so no need to add ballast resistors on some ECUs
  • excellent injector dynamics make this injector incredibly easy to tune
  • modern design with linear flow rates
  • includes adapter cap of your choice and electrical connector
  • NOT suitable for use with Q16, VP Import or other fuels containing MTBEs
  • Must be used with an OEM grade pre-injector fuel filter.  We recommend soaking the injectors in the fuel you are going to run the engine on for 24 hours before your start tuning.

Once installed, do not allow the injectors to dry out.  If not running the injectors for more than a week, we recommend that you remove the injectors from the engine and spray down the injector with WD40.  Run two wires to the injector (one ground and one positive).  Hold the negative wire on the negative terminal of the battery while tapping the 12V wire against positive of a 12V battery.  DO NOT hold the 12V on as you will damage the injector.  Only hold on momentarily.  Fill the injector with WD40 and repeat.  If these instructions are not followed, the injectors will jam.

These injectors are identical to those supplied by other brands including Injector Dynamics.  Due to being designed as a CNG injector, they all face exactly the same issues, no matter the supplier.  No warranty is expressed or implied should the injector be damaged through mishandling and not following the instructions above.

Additional product information

Resistance 8
Injector Length (o-ring to o-ring) 48mm
Top O-Ring Size 14mm
Flow Rate (cc per min) 2,200
Injector Connector Denso with High Keyways

Additional information

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