Toda 4-2-1 Racing Manifold Header AE86

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Toda AE86 4-2-1 Racing Exhaust Header is one of the best you can buy on the market to date
Race & Dyno tested in house – You cant go wrong with this product

Reinforcement plates are added to each racing junction and a head plate to each pipe exit – Improved durability & Strength

-A bench test (Equal length 4-2-1 + Taper) design
Ø45mm → Ø50mm → Taper → Ø60mm
*Taper design is adopted from feedback from both racing and the bench testing.
-Racing high flow junctions design
Each section of the manifold has optimized pipe lengths, diameters and angles as well as high flow junctions.
-With the service adapter for A/F sensor
-Made of light weight stainless steel for both durability and looks
-Flange manufactured by high precision machining center
(Flange exhaust port diameter:Ø38mm)
-Standard catalyst can be used

Todas original 4-1 design was the bench mark for years. The problem is that power is only made from 4,500 rpm in the process removing drive-ability. TODA racing have designed a 4-2-1 system which restores drivability 15% more torque* with only 1.5% loss of power*
*TODA 4-1 bench testing manifold used for comparison.

This product has bolt holes for both 4AG 16V and 20V.
*This product is for right hand drive vehicle.

NOTE: This product is only available for sale in New Zealand, if you are from overseas please search for you local Toda Dealer. Or contact us and we can help advise where to purchase

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