Quad Caliper Brackets AE86

NZD$550.00 ex TAX


AE86 Quad Caliper Brackets

These brackets will allow you to run many choices of dual calipers on the back of the AE86, for use with Hydro E-brake or if you just can’t find stock GTS rear calipers (becoming more and more common)

Mounts stock AE86 Caliper
Mounts S13 or S14 240SX calipers
Mounts one or TWO Wilwood 2 piston calipers
Mounts larger S13 240SX – Rear rotor (required)
Allows you to rotate the caliper postions to put them exactly where you like
Brackets are clear anodized for corrosion resistance
All mounting hardware and alignment rings for the calipers/rotors

You can run any combo of the above calipers together. For a cheap dual caliper setup, hit the wreckers for the stock S13 calipers
For something that looks much more flashy, use 2 Wilwood calipers

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