Simagic M10 Direct Drive Racing Wheel

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Simagic Direct Drive Wheel & Base

**We are now a NZ Dealer for Simagic Porducts***
Buy from MRP LTD and we can provide you with all the Settings + Support for iRacing to get the most out of the product

New to the market in 2020 Simagic brings to you Direct Drive Sim Racing wheels
At an affordable price point for a direct drive you cant go wrong.
There are many reviews on Youtube and all positive.

Plug & Play – Very easy to setup and get running within 30mins

A massive upgrade to any cog or belt driven wheel
All the power units supplied are the international version to suit the NZ market.
Full Warranty provided – 1 Year


  •  M10 DDW Motor (Max 10 nm torque)
  •  Custom made carbon fibre + aluminum panel
  •  4 x push buttons
  •  2 x toggle switch
  •  2 x rotary encoders
  •  Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw
  •  Single power supply unit with on/off button
  •  Motor mount brackets included
  •  2 Choies of wheels – GT Steering Wheel – Leather 300mm, GT1 D Alcantara Suede 320mm Wheel
  •  Quick release hub
  •  International Power Adapter Mean Well 110-240v with 3 pin NZ/China plug type
  • Newest Model – Black

Optional Upgrades:
GT4 Racing Wheel 300mm (with Dual Clutch Paddles)

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Lead time 2 weeks from placing your order if we dont not have stock available

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Weight 17 kg

5 reviews for Simagic M10 Direct Drive Racing Wheel

  1. Aaron Hatton

    Coming from a belt driven wheel I was blown away with the feel & fidelity this wheel produced. Great value for money and Barrys service is 2nd to none. Highly recommend

  2. Murray Howell

    After seeing these back in mid-2019 and following their upcoming mainstream release I tried to grab one last year on my trips into China, but ran out of time between bullet trains and flights to get to the manufacturer so was wrapped to find Barry Manon was able to source a set last month and I have waited very patently (not even close I have messaged him daily) for it to arrive.

    Being a Fanatec fan boy for as long as I can remember I undertook a process of long hours researching a replacement for the CSW very seriously, and with every comment I found saying the 10Nm was not as strong obviously as the DD1 or DD2 etc. or comments about the M10 being a stepper motor, the amount of ongoing issues Fanatec have had with their DD range put me off such an investment. So, when I saw the release price of the Simagic it was a no brainier. Plus I have a motion rig that is no where near as solid as a extrusion rig (something else Barry Manon offers) and this seems to fit my rig perfectly.

    Its only been a few days but I have to say the Simagic is night and day a completely different beast from the Fanatec belt system. Both in smoothness when driving but also the feel of wheel weight and strength in general. I have been catching slides on road that would normally see me facing the other way, and feel I am more accurate in general, feeling more of what the car is doing, whether loading up suspension heading into a tight corner under brakes, or catching the snap as the rear breaks traction a lot faster.

    Sure there are other DDs out there that will be a smoother experience if you have the spare couple of grand to buy the base alone, but as a mid-range wheel where the M10 is being marketed and aimed at, I do not see it having much competition.

    The quality of the finish is I feel superior to any of the Fanatec kit I have owned, and the rim itself is a thing of true beauty.

    The Quick Release Hub is incredible, so tight, such a loud clunk, so easy to get on and off. Plus you can go and spend $50 on a D1 spec universal hub and mount any standard race wheel on the rim if you wanted a wheel just for drifting, or a large wheel just for midgets, sprints etc.

    On top of that 6 bolts takes the current GT-D rim off and you can mount any standard rim to the Simagic base, just like you do with the Fanatec Uni Hub so it’s an extremely well thought out piece of kit.

    The M10 puts out more than enough torque to have your arms sore and to get a sweat on, and the Race Manager software that you use to tune the performance is nice and simple, easy to adjust in real time while in a the car. I had to do that last night when I jumped into a sprint car grid to find my wheel was set to iron-man mode by mistake so I was able to adjust it in real time as the pace lap took place.

    The wheel itself has a number of really cool functions. From backlit lights that are changeable, rotary dials you can set for brake bios etc. even a hardware toggle that when you flick it allows you to change your wheel rotation from 360, 540, 900, 1080 on the fly. The paddles are loud solid magnet shifters with carbon fiber everywhere you look.

    Installation was plug and play, with all the fitting and brackets required to install supplied. So again, this made my life easy.

    Oh, and for the record, it came with a NZ spec power plug and adapter from the factory as you would expect for our market.

  3. Adrian Milanes

    I spotted these in mid 2018 and always wanted to own one and I haven’t been disappointed in any ways coming from the Fanatec CS series belt drive system it was not what i expected. It’s just a huge step forward in every way and words can’t describe what you can feel when using the Simagic M10. every bump ripple of the road surface is translated through the wheel and put you in total control of the car, you can feel what it’s doing on the road one word amazing. I have never tried a DD wheel so I can’t make a comparison to any other brand but for me it is the best bang for buck that you will get, the quality and built of this unit is by far the best I have seen the magnetic paddle shifters are a joy to use quick release hub puts a smile on my face every time i use it.
    I’m 100% happy with the product and service from Barry and Love my Simagig M10

  4. bill kilgour

    I am very happy with both the quality of the M10 and Barry is a great guy to deal with. If you are considering going DD, give these a look, excellent price and product.

  5. scott combes

    Upgraded from a g29 n pretty happy with the result, it doesn’t make me race any faster haha. I’m still learning but yiu definitely get a better feel for the road through the new wheel

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