Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Cube Wheel

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Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Cube Wheel

The GT PRO V2 – Pro combines the brand-new button box with the GT – Cube Pro Rim comfort.

Bring out your drive thanks to the new features of the new GT generation: starting from now, you can choose your button box with two or four paddles in two different colors.

Thanks to Dual Mode, you can connect your GT PRO V2 – Sport to your PC in two different ways: via Bluetooth or via Q-CONN cable.

  • On/off pushbutton on the backside of the wheel
  • Aluminum die-cast main body with a carbon fibre main plate
  • Straight back USB connector

This state of the art Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Pro Cube Sim Racing Steering Wheel features a brand new button box and the comfort of the GT Cube Pro Rim. Choose your button box with two or four paddles in two colours and connect the wheel to your PC via Bluetooth or Q-CONN cable with Dual Mode. Designed for high performance and durability, this wheel an ideal choice for sim racing enthusiasts who demand professional grade equipment for an enhanced racing experience.

  • Sim Hub Compatibility: Customise button backlighting for an enhanced gaming experience. Tailor the wheel to your favourite sim racing games.
  • Redesigned Magnetic Paddles: Zero play short-throw, custom designed, magnetic switchless shifter paddles with adjustable stop ends. Experience precise and responsive shifting.
  • Ergonomic Wheel Design: 320mm diameter, 36mm maximum grip diameter. Ideal for various racing styles including GT and rally.
  • Suede Leather Grip: Provides a soft, grippy feel. Enhance control and comfort during long racing sessions.
  • Backlit Buttons: Easy-to-see in any lighting condition, compatible with Sim Hub.
  • Varied Controls: 6 Momentary buttons, 2 ON/OFF toggle switches with status LED, 2 front rotary encoders with LED RGB, 2 Thumb rotary encoders and 2 Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder.
  • Dual Mode Connectivity: Connect via Bluetooth or Q-CONN cable for versatile and reliable connections. Enjoy seamless integration with your sim racing setup.
  • 1500mAh LiPo Battery: Up to 40 hours of use. Enjoy extended racing sessions without frequent recharging.
  • Wheel Hub Compatibility: The Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Pro features a versatile wheel hub compatible with all formula-style quick release hubs. With 3 bolts, 1-inch, and 70mm PCD, it ensures seamless integration with a wide range of setups.
  • VR Friendly: Compatible with VR setups. Immerse yourself completely in the racing experience.

The Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Pro is tailored for racers who demand a blend of precision, durability, and customisation in their sim racing set up. The zero play short throw magnetic paddles and the robust 1500mAh LiPo battery are just the beginning. With its adjustable shifter paddles, customisable button box, and dual-mode connectivity, this wheel caters for all sim racing enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design, featuring a suede leather grip and a comfortably sized diameter, ensures long lasting comfort during extended racing sessions.

If you’re keen to take your sim racing to new heights, the Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Pro Cube Sim Racing Steering Wheel is ready to join your setup. Its professional-grade features are designed to enhance your performance and enjoyment. Explore what this wheel can bring to your sim racing experience today.

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